Filesystem and os-prober

The filesystem and os-prober ports have been updated to solve issue where Less Systemd GNU/Linux was detected as “unknown Linux” by os-prober when there are two Less Systemd GNU/Linux setups on the machine (i.e. one x86_64 and one i686). New file, /etc/lsd-release, is introduced by filesystem and os-prober has been patched to detect it.

In addition, since filesystem is ignored by default and upon upgrading you may mess up your system if you don’t know how to take care of it here is a quick howto:

1. login as root, preferably on tty

2. sync the repositories:

spm repo -cs

3. upgrade filesystem

spm source -aF filesystem

4. replace the original files with the backup files

mv /etc/group.backup /etc/group

mv /etc/passwd.backup /etc/passwd

mv /etc/resolv.conf.backup /etc/resolv.conf

mv /etc/fstab.backup /etc/fstab

mv /etc/hosts.backup /etc/hosts

5. upgrade os-prober

spm source -a os-prober

After the filesystem upgrade you will see a post message, it will tell you the full list of backed up files which you may want to restore. If you have not changed their content it is unlikely tough (excluding those you backed up in step 4).

So why should you replace the original files with the backup files you may ask. Well, the content of the files that are backed up has not changed so there is nothing to worry about replacing them. The thing you should be worried is that if you don’t replace the files, you will not have internet connection, some groups will be missing and you may not be able to boot properly into the system.

There is an alternative procedure, if you are not feeling like upgrading the filesystem. You can update the version in /var/local/spm/filesystem/metadata to 20130829 and then create a release file like so:

echo 20130829 > /etc/lsd-release

Upgrading os-prober is inevitable if you want to fix the “unknown Linux” issue.

If you have questions or need help feel free to open a discussion at the forums.


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